A Chaos of Desire now available

The A chaos of desire 2CD, 2LP, & MiniDisc a now available on the Black Tape For A Blue Girl Bandcamp Page.

(Sean’s package, unpacked)

Sean in Scotland wrote: Package arrived safe and sound last week. Wow! Spinning A Chaos of Desire just instantly put me back in my room at my folks in the early nineties, when I’d just come home from Glasgow with the CD and listened to it for the first time. Was in a bad relationship that I was trying to get out of and, I’ll admit, enjoyed wallowing in emotionally-charged music as a soundtrack to my miserableness! LOL! Always amazed by how music can be like a time machine and transport you immediately to a time and place and, more significantly, feeling. Fantastic package – just blown away! The fanzine is excellent. Just fabulous. Can’t wait for the next one!