black tape for a blue girl

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  • Black Tape For A Blue Girl has an ever-changing line-up of musicians, dating back to their inception in 1986. The consistant element is visionary founder / songwriter, Sam Rosenthal. For 10 Neurotics, Sam reimagines the passion of Black Tape For A Blue Girl in a rock / dark cabaret setting. The results bear a more considered approach to songwriting: structured, melodic and dare say even "traditional" in composition. It is a new approach to the mood and power for which Blacktape is known. 

    Featuring drum kit and bass for the first time in 20 years (courtesy of new band-member Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls / The Cliks), these fourteen songs are revealing first person narratives. "Late last fall," Sam explains, "I approached my vocalists with the lyrics I had written. All three felt uncomfortable bringing these characters to life and being identified with these words. They basically left the band because of them! Their decision did not come as a shock; I had an intuitive feeling a new band was required to bring these ideas to life."

    "I had a good idea of who I wanted to ask," Sam continues. "Laurie Reade was the American vocalist for Attrition, and I love her operatic voice and sultry stage presence. She gives my songs depth and personality. Athan Maroulis was the vocalist for Cleopatra Records' Spahn Ranch and sang a couple songs on Blacktape's 2002 The Scavenger Bride album. Listening to his old band Tubalcain on his mySpace page, I realized Athan could rock out and provide a powerful approach with swagger and potency. And finally, Nicki Jaine. She played acoustic guitar on the 2004 Halo Star tour. Nicki adds a world-weary sexuality to the two songs she sings. All three vocalists dramatically capture my characters."

    "These songs demanded a rock-n-roll drummer who could rock out as well as play subtle and textural passages. I went for the best and asked Brian of The Dresden Dolls." Impressed with the music, he quickly joined the band. "Brian became much more involved than past band members, providing brilliant performances, insightful suggestions and co-producing the album. If I hesitated, Brian pushed me out of the safety net, 'No man. Leave it in. Don't hold back!' Brian told me to take it to the edge, to tell the stories I wanted to tell, use the images I wanted to use!"