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Crowdfunding final hours. Thanks for your interest in my work

  • June 5, 2018

There’s 7+ hours to go in the crowdfunding campaign for Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s To touch the milky way. 238 amazing people have said, “Yeah, I like the music Sam creates. I wanna be part of the team that makes this new album happen!” That’s remarkable! I’m very grateful.

I posted an update yesterday — “Connection + Gender” — replying to messages from two backers. David spoke about my music being part of his life during High School in the 90s. He wrote, “Black Tape’s music was different, but fit right in and helped during those moments of loneliness I felt regularly.”

I’m so glad that the music was there for you, David.

Sometimes, when I’m down, I grumble about life, the universe and everything. Just today, Mercy reminded me, “You create music that people around the world connect to! You’re doing something, you’re making a positive difference. That’s not something a lot of people can say.”

Reading your messages — and seeing that my music was there for you when you needed it, that it’s made a positive difference — that’s really special to me. And now we create a cycle: you come back and pledge some of your scarce resources to help me make more of the music. Wow! Gotta say it can be a great world, when people work towards enriching and positive ends.

Mercy in Millican

An outtake photo from Millican, Oregon, with Mercy

The To touch the milky way Kickstarter has 7+ hours left to go. 3 more pledges for the CD DELUXE or LP DELUXE package, and we’ve made it! We can do it. You can do it! Thanks to everyone so much for caring.