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since 1986, black tape for a blue girl has released stunning deeply introspective albums.
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These fleeting moments
[PRO331 / 2016] Deluxe limited CD & 2LP. Picking up Blacktape's classic 90s darkwave, ethereal sound; original vocalist Oscar returns on their 30th anniversary.

Order the deluxe limited edition CD (in special landscape-shaped dvd-sized digipak with 12-page booklet) at Projekt

On their 30th anniversary, Black Tape For A Blue Girl returns to their evocative ethereal, neoclassical, gothic roots with an album exploring the existential predicaments of time's passage, choices questioned, and loves lost. Original vocalist Oscar Herrera rejoins the band after a 17-year absence. His darkly dramatic vocals are complemented by Dani Herrera's emotional and heartfelt voice, Nick Shadow?s visceral viola, Brian Viglione?s driving drums, and band-founder Sam Rosenthal's pensive electronics and revelatory songwriting.

These Fleeting Moments, their 11th studio release, is 70 minutes of powerful, gorgeously yearning tracks born from the same place as their 90s classics Remnants of a Deeper Purity and A Chaos of Desire.

"For this album," Sam says, "I picked up threads of our 90s sound. I wrote those intense, passionate songs that Oscar delivers so wonderfully. Adding Nick's breathtaking strings atop my synth-horn and electronic textures, and writing 25 minutes of instrumentals, really brings this album back to the essential Blacktape sound."

1. The vastness of life 17:42
2. Limitless 3:20
3. One promised love 4:29
4. Bike shop / absolute zero 3:08
5. Affinity 3:12
6. Please don't go 3:56
7. Six thirteen 4:43
8. Zug kln 4:08
9. Meditation on the skeleton 9:46
10. Desert rat-kangaroo 3:08
11. She's gone 4:02
12. She ran so far away that she no longer can be found 4:26
13. You're inside me 4:06

Deluxe editions were funded at Kickstarter.

The standard edition CD was released on Metropolis Records August 12 2016.

  The Limitless Single
    [METROPOLIS 1043 2016] 5-track single, only 1 on the album.
  The Bike Shop Vinyl 12"
    [PRO321 2016] 4-track yellow & black vinyl ep, only 1 on the album.

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As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Monolith
[PROJEKT318 / 2015] A four track, 73-minute electronic solo release, released in a limited edition fo 312. It was funded by fans like you, on Kickstarter. Unlike Sam's work in Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Dave Bowman is full-on electronic music: droning space, wordless drift with long suspended passages. 75 were released in an ber limited transluent almost-black plexibox:

1. Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio Antenna 07:23
2. Moon-skimmer 18:01
3. Manoeuvring over the Jupiter monolith 06:51
4. A long, dark corridor filled with lights. A memory. And then a bright room with air. 40:44

 Monolith Addendum
   [ARC129 2015] 5-track, 37 minute companion album only available at Bandcamp.

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The Collection
[ARCHIVE118 / 2014] A ten track digital-only "best of" to share with new and old fans of the band. Currently available for free at our Bandcamp page.

1. Given (1. the waterfall 2. the illuminating gas)
2. Across a thousand blades (2007 mix)
3. All my lovers
4. Knock three times (skinny kinda mix)
5. Tell me you've taken another (?09)
6. Remnants of a deeper purity
7. Fortune presents gifts not according to the book
8. The turbulence and the torment
9. Again, to drift (for Veronika)
10. Tear love from my mind


Rye (the novel) by Sam Rosenthal
[2012] A money-shot across the bow of outdated sensibilities, Rye takes a sexual somersault through the complexities of desire in a penetrating portrayal of twenty-first century intimacy.

"I spent some time devouring Rye and really really enjoyed not only the story and the characters and the death snark, but also the way that Sam tackled the new thing about relationships. It?s the same as it ever was, and it's not the same as it ever was. And that melds so beautifully in Rye. Thanks for the good read!" - Carol Queen, The Center for Sex and Culture, San Francisco

Matt is dating Rye, a willfully free androgynous school teacher. Attracted to Matt's kinkiness and groundedness, Rye develops a taste for his masculinity and her submission. At a weekend SexxCamp retreat, Matt meets Rain, a charming and snarky twenty-something GenderQueer woman with both an attraction and aversion to sex. An unconventional three-way relationship develops, expanding their understanding of polyamory, identity, love and connection.

Visit the Rye website for more info, a preview, and reading dates.

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[PROJEKT 288 / 2013] 27 years into their career, Black Tape For A Blue Girl keeps it interesting with Tenderotics, 14 remixed and reimagined versions of tracks off their recent 10 Neurotics album. Remixers Steve Roach, Erik Wllo, Android Lust, Unwoman, Steve Jones, Attrition, Valerie Gentile, and Sam Rosenthal approach the pieces with fresh ears, creating reinterpretations more electronic and edgy than the originals.

01 the perfect pervert ERIK WLLO MIX | MP3 Clip
02 marmalade cat MILLY MIX BY STEVE JONES | Video at YouTube
03 rotten zurich cafe VALERIE GENTILE MIX
04 tell me you've taken another MARTYR MIX BY ANDROID LUST
05 in dystopia UNWOMAN MIX | MP3 Clip
06 caught by a stranger MILLY MIX BY STEVE JONES
07 feel your pulse quicken STEVE ROACH MIX
08 love song STEVE ROACH MIX
10 perfectpurity SAM ROSENTHAL MIX
11 inch worm ATTRITION MIX
12 caughtstranger SAM ROSENTHAL MIX | MP3 Clip
13 zurichstrings SAM ROSENTHAL MIX
14 halo star (2013) BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL WITH ERIK WLLO | MP3 Clip

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[ARCHIVE72 / 2012] This mix of "Forbidden Colours" appears on the 2012 Projekt Holiday release, Ornamental. This is Black Tape for a Blue Girl's first new recording since 2009's 10 Neurotics: a lush cover of the theme from the 1985 David Bowie film, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (written by David Sylvian / Ryuichi Sakamoto). A haunting, neo-classical track in the vein of the Remnants of a Deeper Purity album.

Note that the Bandcamp version has two extra tracks not at iTunes.
1. Forbidden Colours (Theme from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence)
2. Love of the Father
3. Forbidden Colours (early instrumental mix)
4. Forbidden (1996)

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the Passage
[PROJEKT 265 / 2011] The Passage is a foray into the realms of pure ambient from Black Tape For A Blue Girl founder/songwriter Sam Rosenthal. The two pieces on the hour-long album submerge the listener in a self-sustaining environment of warm electronics and minimal processings of deep, tender swells and an unresolved, yearning string theme courtesy of long-time Blacktape collaborator Vicki Richards. This is music which gently rotates around its own axis in a time-suspended haze.
    1. The Passage | MP3
    2. Rae | MP3
    Wallpaper / desktop image:
       2560 x 1440 | 1920 x 1200 | 1280 x 1024
       Photo & Design by Sam Rosenthal

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10 Neurotics
[PROJEKT 229 & TRISOL374 / 2009] The 10th studio album looks at our sexuality, obsessions and fetishes within a rock/dark cabaret setting. All-new band features Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls on Drums, guitar & bass, vocalists Athan Maroulis (ex-Spahn Ranch), Laurie Reade (ex-Attrition) & Nicki Jaine. Deluxe digi-pak w/28-page NC-17 booklet.

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Sailor Lyrics Sailor MP3 Sailor Video Inch Lyrics Inch MP3 Tell Lyrics Tell MP3 PP Lyrics PP MP3 MCat Lyrics MCat MP3 MCat Video LoveS Lyrics LoveS MP3 Rotten Lyrics Rotten MP3 Milit MP3 InDyst Lyrics InDyst MP3 Pleasure Lyrics Pleasure MP3 Pleasure Video Strike Lyrics Strike MP3 Caught Lyrics Caught MP3 Curious Lyrics Curious MP3 Father Lyrics Father MP3

   Quadranotics [PROMO35 2009] 4 song maxi cd for radio, djs, etc.

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the Pleasures Everlasting (ep)
[PROJEKT 223 / 2008] Digital-only release with Dead Can Dance & Sonic Youth cover songs.

    1. Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book | MP3
    2. Shadow of a Doubt | MP3
    3. Star Power | MP3
    4. Secret Girls | MP3
      Total Time ~ 13 minutes

the Itunes deluxe edition sells for $7.99
and includes a bonus best of:
1993's A Teardrop Left Behind

Physical CD at:

A Retrospective
[SHADOWPLAY RECORDS SPR32 / 2008] A Russian best of featuring Blacktape's most popular songs, some reworked or remixed.
  1. Remnants of a deeper purity (2004) | MP3
  2. Across a thousand blades (2007) | MP3 | Free Ringtone
  3. All my lovers | MP3 | youTube live video
  4. Griffith park
  5. Given (1. the waterfall 2. the illuminating gas)
  6. Memory, uncaring friend | MP3
  7. For you will burn your wings upon the sun (part 1)
  8. Dagger (stripped mix)
  9. Overwhelmed, beneath me (2000)
  10. Could i stay the honest one? (1998)
  11. The lie which refuses to die
  12. Knock three times (skinny kinda mix) |
  13. I have no more answers (2008) | MP3

The digital version at iTunes and Bandcamp, include a bonus disc: the 1993 Hyperium-released best of
A teardrop left behind

  1. The Scar of a Poet
  2. Across a Thousand Blades
  3. Tear Love From My Mind
  4. A Teardrop Left Behind
  5. The Turbulence and the Torment
  6. The Lingering Flicker
  7. Seven Days Till Sunrise
  8. The Hypocrite Is Me
  9. We Watch Our Sad-Eyed Angel Fall
  10. Beneath the Planks
  11. Hide In Yourself
  12. How Can You Forget Love?
  13. Ashes in the Brittle Air
  14. Seireenien Lumoama

Physical CD at:

[PROJEKT 213 2008] A Dark Cabaret collaboration from Sam and Nicki Jaine.
      The Released tracks
    1. The Gravediggers | MP3
    2. Amsterdam | MP3
    3. A Girl, A Smoke | MP3 | Full-length MP3 of the 2005 single mix
    4. Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
    5. Sometimes, Sunshine | MP3
      The Archive
    6. I have no more answers | MP3
    7. A Girl, A Smoke [ REHEARSAL ] | early mix MP3
    8. All Tomorrow's Parties [ LIVE ] | MP3
    9. Alabama Song [ LIVE ]
    10. Halo Star [ LIVE ] | MP3
    11. Strange Little Show
    12. Sunshine IV
    13. She is the Madman | MP3

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Physical CD at:

As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Pod
[PROJEKT 195 2007] Electronic solo album by Sam. POD brings a new and chilling element to the ambient music genre known as drone. Inspired by the vast isolation of cold, dark space, the absence of human civilization, and the texture of pure sound, there is a curiosity and fascination with those forces that leads to discovery. As Lonely as Dave Bowman becomes a pioneer in the next stage of ambient drone.
    1. POD One | MP3
    2. POD Two | MP3
    3. POD Three | MP3
    4. POD Four | MP3
    5. POD Five | MP3

the Itunes deluxe edition sells for $5.99
and includes a bonus disc with the tracks from the two eps plus live material.

The version at Bandcamp has even more bonus tracks! 30-tracks in total.

Physical CD at:

Halo Star
[PROJEKT 158 2004] Their 9th studio album, includes the hit "Knock Three Times."
    1. Glow
    2. Tarnished | 45 Second MP3
    3. the Gravediggers
    4. Your love is sweeter than wine
    5. Indefinable, yet | 45 second MP3 |
    6. Knock three times | 45 second MP3 |
    7. Scarecrow | 45 second MP3 |
    8. Damn swan! | 45 Second MP3
    9. Already forgotten
    10. the Fourth footstep
    11. Dagger
    12. Halo star | 45 second MP3 |

      13. Halo Star (2013 - instrumental mix) (with Erik Wollo) 03:38
      14. Revue Noir: Halo Star (live - 2005 - with Nicki Jaine) 03:02
      15. Halo Star (2010 with Athan Maroulis) 04:02
      16. Halo Star (2013) (with Erik Wollo & Athan) 03:34
      17. Halo Star (DNA Lounge - Live 2004 with Bret Helm) 02:54

      18. Tarnished (Ego Likeness mix) 05:12
      19. Dagger (stripped) 04:56
      20. Already Forgotten (alternate mix) 05:08
      21. Halo Star (alternate mix) 03:21
      22. Remnants of a Deeper Purity (KXCI - Live in the studio 2004) 03:48
      23. Knock Three Times (DNA Lounge - Live 2004) 03:24
      24. Scarecrow (DNA Lounge - Live 2004) 03:20
      25. Your love is sweeter than wine (DNA Lounge - Live 2004) 01:52
      26. Bastille Day, 1961 (Nokturnal - Live 2004) 03:53
      27. the Gravediggers (the Vogue - Live 2004) 05:44
      28. Dagger (the Vogue - Live 2004) 05:50
      29. the lie which refuses to die (DNA Lounge - Live 2004) 02:54
      30. Halo Star (DNA Lounge - Live 2004) 02:54

   The Scarecrow Single [PROJEKT 161 2004]
   Tarnished Single [PROJEKT 155 2004]

With a million tear-stained memories (2-CD)
[PROJEKT 145 2003] Limited edition retrospective released in Germany on Trisol Records and in the U.S. on Projekt. One cd of vocal songs / once cd of instrumentals.

Physical CD at:

The scavenger bride
[PROJEKT 130 2002] Read electronic press-kit for this release.
    1. the scavenger bride
    2. kinski
    3. all my lovers | MP3 | youTube live video
    4. shadow of a doubt
    5. the doorkeeper
    6. floats in the updrafts | youTube video
    7. a livery of bachelors
    8. das liselottenbett
    9. the lie which refuses to die
    10. the scavenger's daughter
    11. like a dog/letter to brod
    12. the whipper
    13. bastille day, 1961

   black tape for a blue girl [PROMO16 2002] sampler cd

As one aflame laid bare by desire
[PROJEKT 86 1999] Read aflame An in-depth interview about this release by Dave Aftandilian.

   As One Aflame Single [PROJEKT 84 1999]

Stream or Download:

remnants of a deeper purity
[PROJEKT 68 1996] The 20th anniversary edition of Remnants reintroduces a 16-page lyric booklet, with an extra 4-pages of candid photos. Plus a 4" square sticker. Disc 1 was remastered in 2014, disc 2 includes an extra track added in 2013.

"Like Dead Can Dance, black tape for a blue girl dramatically flirts with symphonic decay." - The Philadelphia City Paper

Read remnants A 1996 feature written by Bryan Reesman.

Downloadable pdf of the booklet, with lyrics.

Disc One

  1. redefine pure faith
  2. fin de sicle
  3. with my sorrows
  4. for you will burn your wings upon the sun | MP3 excerpt - part 1 | MP3 excerpt - part 4
  5. wings tattered, fallen
  6. fitful
  7. remnants of a deeper purity | MP3 excerpt
  8. again, to drift (for veronika)
  9. i have no more answers | MP3 excerpt
Disc Two
  1. en la mar ay una torre
  2. with my sorrows (part 2) | MP3 excerpt
  3. with my sorrows (part 3)
  4. i have no more answers (radio edit)
  5. redefine pure faith (live)
  6. through sky blue rooms (live) | MP3 excerpt
  7. remnants of a deeper purity (live)
  8. across a thousand blades '96
  9. with my sorrows (2013 mix)

   Remnants of a deeper purity (ep)
    [PROJEKT 84 1996]
    with my sorrows
    [AMPLEXUS 10 1997] Limited edition 3" cd and 10" vinyl on Italy's Amplexus label.
    across a thousand blades
    [PROMO03 1997] Full-length promotional retrospective CD.

Stream or Download:

remnants of a deeper purity (vinyl edition)
[PROJEKT301 1996 / 2014] Remastered from the original DAT masters, Remnants of a deeper purity gets a deluxe 2-LP release. Details: swirled red and black 140 gram vinyl, 8-page 11-inch square booklet, entire CD of the 77-minute album, limited edition of 300


Side A
  1 redefine pure faith
  2 fin de sicle
  3 with my sorrows
Side B
  4 for you will burn your wings upon the sun
Side C
  5 wings tattered, fallen
  6 fitful
  7 remnants of a deeper purity
Side B
  8 again, to drift (for veronika)
  9 i have no more answers

this lush garden within [PROJEKT 38 1993]

Downloadable pdf of the booklet, with lyrics.

    the first pain to linger
    [PROJEKT 63 1996] A 96 page book with maxi-cd.

terrace of memories [PROJEKT 34 1992]
Sam Rosenthal ambient collaboration with Vidna Obmana
a chaos of desire
[PROJEKT 30 1991]
ashes in the brittle air
[PROJEKT 26 1989]
mesmerized by the sirens
[PROJEKT 25 1987] Originally released on vinyl, then on cassette, then on CD.
before the buildings fell
[PROJEKT 24 1986] Electronic solo album by Sam


The Rope 25 (2-CD 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition)
[PROJEKT 20 1996/2012] On the debut . . . Sam Rosenthal's subtle electronics and introspective lyrics establish black tape for a blue girl's stature beyond the realm of the normal "gothic" sound. Creating a timeless blend of Oscar's emotional vocals intertwined with warm ambient soundscapes.

The 2012 deluxe reissue includes a 2nd disc of reinterpretations by Erik Wllo, All My Faith Lost..., Attrition, Mirabilis, Forrest Fang, Lux Interna, Rajna, Dirk Serries and others. Also included is Black Tape For A Blue Girl's own re-recording, "Memory, Uncaring Friend (2011)"
    Disc One
  1. memory, uncaring friend | MP3
  2. hide in yourself
  3. within these walls
  4. the holy terrors
  5. end
  6. seven days till sunrise
  7. the rope | MP3
  8. the few remaining threads
  9. the lingering flicker
  10. slow blur | MP3
  11. the floor was hard but home
  12. we return
    Disc Two
  1. black tape for a blue girl: memory, uncaring friend (2011) | MP3 | Free Stream & Download
  2. All My Faith Lost...: the rope | MP3
  3. Mirabilis: the floor was hard but home
  4. Erik Wllo: within these walls | MP3
  5. Forrest Fang: hide in yourself
  6. Dirk Serries: lingering (vintage mix)
  7. Dirk Serries: blurred (lo-fi mix)
  8. Walter Holland: seven days till sunrise
  9. Kho Hat Hasa: the holy terrors
  10. Rajna: end
  11. Attrition: memory, uncaring friend
  12. Lux Interna: we return
the rope
[PROJEKT 20 1986] Originally released on vinyl, then on cassette, then on CD. A 2-CD 25th anniversary edition - The Rope 25 was released in November 2011 (see album above this one).

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