From Sam

I’ve moved the band’s patron-page to Bandcamp

  • December 19, 2017

A week ago, I rebooted the Black Tape For A Blue Girl patron page at Bandcamp. After the kerfuffle with Patreon changing their fee structures (and then withdrawing the #newfees when they realized how bad the idea was), I felt it was time to take the leap and move my patron site to a place where music is the priority.

When you pledge, you get 9 free Black Tape For A Blue Girl catalog titles, plus two exclusive downloads (1, the new album in progress (instrumental mixes) and 2, a June 2015 download of unused ideas from These fleeting moments).

You will also get the new albums I add to Bandcamp.There are already 29 Patrons donating to my art, that’s around $200 a month. This money assists me in creating my work. For example,last week Brian recorded drums for “All that i thought i wanted,” and I also purchased plane tickets to fly Oscar & Dani to Portland to record vocals. Thanks to my patrons who helped cover those expenses!

The new album is really coming together. I believe I have all of my parts of the music recorded, and I have lyrics written for all of the songs but one. It’s sounding great!

If you like what I create, you can get a bunch of free music and help me make more, with your monthly support at the BlackTapePatron page.

Happy holidays & thanks, Sam