January 2021

Hi. I hope you’re doing OK in these pandemic times. I’m hunkered down at home in Portland Oregon, mostly working at Projekt, and slowly recording the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album. As you can see, I don’t post on this blog very often. A great way to keep up with me is to join the exclusive patron area at Bandcamp. For $5 a month you get exclusive music and you can chat with me in the private community area. I recently uploaded some mixes I made of tracks off 2002’s The Scavenger Bride. You can also follow me on twitter, and instagram.

I was busy in 2020, I made a lot of music. There was a new Thanatos collaboration with Pat Ogle, Portland. I released an electronic/ambient collaboration with Jarguna, Sunwashed Evening Fire. And a collaboration with a number of Projekt electronic artists, Tim, where are you now? It’s name-your-price. and I also released a collaboration with Aarktica, Eating Rose Petals which is also name-your-price.

I’m working on new Black Tape For A Blue Girl music. Many of the tracks include cello and strings from Sweden’s Henrik Meierkord who also plays on two tracks on the Tim album. He’s got just the right emotional style for BlackTape, you’re going to love it! I have to start writing lyrics and then record the vocals, things are still a way off. 2021 is the 30th anniversary of A chaos of desire. Before the release of the new BlackTape, I plan a 2LP / CD / digital remastered edition of Chaos. A Kickstarter launches in a few months.

When you purchase something at my bandcamp, you are added to the notification list over there. It’s a great way to support my art, and stay up to date. There are some vintage, and unusual merchandise items available as well.

Thanks. Stay well, and stay in touch.