Kickstarter: As one aflame laid bare by desire

This is our advertisement in Big Takeover #94, June 2024

The Kickstarter for As one aflame laid bare by desire is live.

Your support will fund a remastered reissue of our 7th album from 1999 in 3 formats: 140-gram color double-vinyl, CD, and MiniDisc.

• Sourced from original 1999 DAT mixes, and original 1/2-inch 8-track analog multitrack tapes
• Digital transfer at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio
• Two tracks remixed to boost the vocals
• Remastered by Martin Bowes of Attrition
• A much warmer and pleasant version of Aflame

Philadelphia City Paper: After seven albums you’d think people would get it: Chicago’s Black Tape for a Blue Girl is not a Goth band; at least not in the usual sense. Ambient electronic master Sam Rosenthal and his usual consorts, flautist Lisa Feuer, violinist Vicki Richards, vocalists Julianna Towns and Oscar Herrera, create ethereal chamber music. Like Dead Can Dance, Black Tape for a Blue Girl dramatically flirts with symphonic decay. The music is brightly lit and subtly melodic; forlorn chords arch and bend, the drama giving way to auburn radiance. Lyrics are brief, flashed snapshots concentrating on desire’s transitive elements. Passages of chamber orchestration are held together by Rosenthal’s ambient drone of electronic instrumentation, tape loops and verbal rumblings. The reedy melodies are best heard behind soprano Juliana Townes and Rosenthal’s whispers. Black Tape for a Blue Girl have reached a perfect spot – a record where darkness and light play as one, where ethereal music and personal obsessions meet and mingle with passion and dignity. – a.d. amorosi