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The New York Times - October 29 2011
Black Tape for a Blue Girl: If Marlene Dietrich had gone goth, Black Tape would've been her band. The ominous chamber-rockers deliver foreboding, throaty growls and cabaret-inflected salvos, a darkly glamorous formula they've adhered to since their 1986 debut, The Rope (Projekt). No wonder David Lynch is reportedly a fan. (Anderson)

Live Bio - Tainted Life
Dark rock outfit Black Tape For A Blue Girl enters its 25th year with a collection of sinister character sketches performed in theatrical rock / cabaret style. Sam Rosenthal, the groups founder/guitarist/keyboardist, is joined by vocalist Athan Maroulis (formerly of the pioneering electronic band Spahn Ranch) and guitarist/violist/vocalist Pinky Weitzman (of Not Waving But Drowning).

Their 10th studio album is 10 Neurotics (Projekt Records, distributed in the USA by Nail. Released in Europe on Trisol Records). "I set out to create an album that looks at our sexuality, obsessions and fetishes with a mature (rather than sensationalized) eye," writes Sam Rosenthal. "Our life is a constant churning of desires, sometimes overtaking us - more often subverted, submerged and repressed. I wanted to directly confront reality: who are we when the disguise is stripped away?"

"10 Neurotics reads less like an album and more like a modern rock opera. Dark and mysterious in both tone and lyrics, the songs have a vintage feel that is somewhat reminiscent of old-time cabaret with a vaudevillian twist. 10 Neurotics feels theatric, epic, grand, it would seem more at home on a stage than in a record player." - The Deli Magazine, Brooklyn NY

"An astute observer of human behavior, Rosenthal knows our romantic and sexual choices aren?t made in a vacuum. Arguably the theme of prodding what lies beneath the surface is the engine driving Black Tape's entire career, and 10 Neurotics, erotic nature aside, continues the story in rich, compelling detail." - The Big Takeover Magazine

"Black Tape - essentially a new band now - slides somewhat toward the rock band world. But just somewhat, sort of like Tom Waits or Serge Gainsbourg or Beat Circus. There's strange beauty and gloomy darkness, compulsion, revulsion and decadence." -, Boston

"It comes out of the speakers like the soundtrack to a cabaret hosted by Caligula. 10 Neurotics has a level of perverse exploration that falls somewhere above Soft Cell and the Normal, but never gets quite as graphic as Coil." -

"Memory, Uncaring Friend"
Projektfest'11, Boston MA

"The Pleasure in the Pain"
video by Sam Rosenthal

"Halo Star"
Wave Gotik Treffen 6/10/11

"Caught by a Stranger"
Prague & Bucharest June 2011