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[ August 22, 2006 ] 10th Anniversary. It's really been 10 years since we released Remnants of a Deeper Purity; it's coming back in print next month with a bonus disc containing 41 minutes of music that has been hard to find or completely unavailable. Many people tell me that Remnants is their favorite of my albums, so this re-release gives you the entire album in it's original form, along with the Amplexus EP the Remnants single and three songs recorded at the 1996 Projektfest, black tape's first live show. Follow this link to read more. This site will be updated soon with additional information....
[ Spring 2006 ] Black tape for a blue girl is currently "dormant" - which is a common state we enter, between albums. Sam has moved to a new location in Brooklyn and vocalist Elysabeth has recently moved to New York City, making work on the new album a lot easier (no plane tickets!). Unfortunately, there are no new songs at the moment, the most recent releases are compilations with "Knock Three Times." A Dark Cabaret includes a remixed version; a bit faster and more sparse. The idea was to recreate the way the song sounds when we performed it live. The compilation is $6.98 and in stores nationwide. The Projekt Almost Free CD is a $4.98 label sampler that includes the album version of "Knock Three Times."

More fantastic photos from our San Francisco show here.

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