No Songs Tomorrow – Darkwave, Ethereal Rock & Coldwave 1981-1990 (4CD Box Set)

In May of 2023, Cherry Red Records asked me to contribute “Within these walls” to a 4CD Darkwave compilation. I decided to offer them a new mix as well as the original mix, and they could pick which they preferred. I was motivated to try the new mix because I wanted to dive into the original 1986 Fostex cassette 4-track master to see what I could do with it. This was an experiment towards the idea of creating a new mix of the entire The Rope album for the 40th anniversary in 2026.

The mix turned out really nice, you can hear a lot more detail; and it’s what they used in the 4CD Box Set. “Within these walls” is track 3 on Disc One. You can purchase No Songs Tomorrow – Darkwave, Ethereal Rock And Coldwave 1981-1990 from Projekt in the USA, or Cherry Red in Europe.

The track is a free download at BlackTape’s Bandcamp. It’s a two-song single that also has a 2024 mix of “Seven days till sunrise.” Listen at Spotify.