black tape for a blue girl

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1987 by Walter Holland.

1987 by Sandy Pena.
Standing on a Beach. Mesmerized-era

1993 by Susan Jennings.
Back porch in Los Angeles

1994 by Veronika
Just after Lush Garden

1996 by Lisa Feuer. Steps in the Coachhouse in Chicago

Remnants of a Deeper Purity-era

Black Tape For A Blue Girl's first live show was at the Projekfest on June 26 1996.
e. Katie Holm was at the Vic Theatre in Chicago to capture it!
The Band: Sam, Oscar, Lucian & Mera. e. Katie Holm's website

e. Katie Holm took a lot of fabulous shots of us in 1997, when we were promoting Remnants of a Deeper Purity

Sam & Lisa

Sam & Mera in the alley by Sam's coachhouse in Chicago

The 1997/98 touring band:
Dominque, Mera & Sam

Elysabeth Grant by Sam and his faulty Konika (the camera stuck and overlapped). 2001, Astoria living room.

Scavenger Bride show. Leipzig, Germany. June 8, 2003
Black tape for a blue girl performed on the WGT mainstage, The Agra, to a crowd of 3000 fans from Europe and around the world. The third shot is the audience as seen from Sam's vantage on the stage! Band: Sam, Bret, Elysabeth, Lisa & Michael.

here are links to pages with additional photos of black tape @ leipzig:
italian fan's site | | rouven sperling - continues onto page 20 | ukranian gothic gortal | one photo at the russian goth portal

interview with sam from The leipziger volkszeitung leipzig's largest newspaper (in german)

Halo Star tour, 2004
Band: Sam, Bret, Elysabeth, Bart, J & Nicki.

DNA Lounge San Francisco, September 14 2004. More fantastic photos here.

BarSinister in Hollywood, September 11 2004 (click for larger image)

post-Halo Star band, October 2007
Gothicfest Chicago - Oct 2007 - by Ryan Tucker.
Band: Sam, Bret, Elysabeth & Lisa.

And now, a jumbled mess of older photos...

Early 1999 in Dallas, TX. This was our first tour with Elysabeth, for As one aflame laid bare by desire.

Images on other sites:
1 Live at the Virgin Megastore, May 16 2002
2 Black tape live at South Street Seaport,
NYC. May 22, 1999. By Akane. We performed out-doors during the day. weird!

3 The Gathering Philadelphia. Nov 6, 1999
Black tape's final show before moving to NYC, at the Star's End Gathering for Chuck Van Zyl.

lisa + elysabeth by sam. these were "test" shots (to check the lighting)
on the photo shoot from the inside of the scavenger bride

Vicki Richards pictures by Beki

Blacktape's vocalist, Elysabeth Grant. Photos from the 1999 tours.

Washington DC
previous band line-ups

Photos from the Spring Tour, 1998
Dominique by Lisa Feuer | Mera by Kay McEntee | Lisa by Kay McEntee | Sam by Lisa Feuer | Dominique from Washington DC

Photos from Projektfests 1998
Dominique from Projektfest LA 1998 | Band from Projektfest LA 1998 | Chicago Projekt Festival, 1998 by E. Katie Holm | Two shots with Julianna from Philly

Photographs and Posters
As one aflame, booklet in progress 1998 | Lisa & Sam with Jeff at WHTG 1998 | Mera with Cello 1996 | Sam/1 by Lisa Feuer, 1996 | Sam/2 by Lisa Feuer, 1996 | Oscar - Remnants booklet 1996 | Sam Press Photo by Veronika, 1994 | this lush garden within - Taiwan censored version, 1994 Lucian - Lush Garden booklet 1993 | Lucian by Susan Jennings 1993 | Sam - Lush Garden booklet 1993 | Oscar - Lush Garden booklet 1993 | Oscar, Sam, Lucian outdoors 1992 or 93 | Robin - from the rope cover 1985 | Robin - Chaos inside cover 1985 | Sam Keyboard Magazine Photo, 1992 or 93 |

All images Projekt Records.