would you like to know what i’ve been up to…

Hi. Thank you for reading my post when so much out there feels like chaos beyond our control! I’ll keep it short with highlights from up here in Portland Oregon. Stay safe, Sam

– 1 – 

There’s 21 days to go on the Kickstarter campaign for our 4th album, a chaos of desire [1991], and 114 backers have taken us to 54% of the goal. Contributions have slowed the last few days, and we need to reach the goal before we can fund the 2LP-CD-MiniDisc. If you were thinking about pledging, now is the perfect time.

– 2 – 
Some really lovely press is coming in from Italy for The Cleft Serpent. I’ve translated them on the Projekt webpage for the album (go to the reviews tab.) Here’s an excerpt from Music Map:

Sam Rosenthal’s creature launches The cleft serpent, the thirteenth album in thirty-six years, an unprecedented formation, entrusting the singing to Jon DeRosa and the cello to Henrik Meierkord, with Sam to reserve for himself — in addition to the writing of the pieces — electronics and synth, defining the contours of an overturned cosmos with its painful, funereal, sinister corollary of pain and perdition, only rarely illuminated by a faint glimmer of redemption.

– 3 – 

The Cleft Serpent LP is in stock, as is the 2nd pressing of 1989’s Ashes in the brittle air LP. At Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s Bandcamp page or Projekt’s European Webstore.

– 4 – 
Listen to the remastered 12-track A Chaos of Desire augmented with 18 bonus tracks at Spotify, or anywhere you stream music.

– 5 – 

a new video for “Pandora’s Box”

– 6 – 

Oscar and I did a video interview about A chaos of desire

– 7 – 

In early 2021 I picked these two colors for the Excelsis vinyl. I thought the LPs would look festive this way… now all around the world we’re looking at these colors and hoping for the best for millions who just want to live in peace. Nice to see many of you flying these colors on your social media profiles. Let it be over as soon as possible.

Thanks to all of you working to make the reissue happen.