A Chaos of Desire Kickstarter 64% funded with 7 days to go.

One week to go, this is when it gets hectic. Will the campaign make it? I think so. Mind you, it won’t be easy. I am messaging a lot of people on Facebook, using other social sites, spreading the word…. Working hard. You can pledge the Kickstarter campaign here, and listen to the 30-track deluxe album on Spotify, or wherever you stream music..

📹  To begin the final week of the Kickstarter, I’ve posted a 2nd video from the album on youTube, this one for the instrumental “beneath the icy floe.” I’ve always thought of this song as a passage through the shamanic death & rebirth initiation; it was cool to find a cinematographer with footage that captured this idea, and then edit it into something that creates the experimental narrative I imagined. Watch it on your big screen. It’s gorgeous. 🎬