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the dark moon (1986)

  • April 20, 2021

Hi. I’m recording the new (13th) BlackTape album with a cellist/violist from Sweden and a vocalist from Los Angeles. All remote. Nothing in person. It’s sounding amazing. It’s a concept album with a character that runs through all of the tracks; I still have to write the lyrics for one more song, I know what it should be about, just haven’t quite worked out how to fit it in. More on this new album soon.

I put some “new” archive music up for my patrons.
For $5 a month, you can listen to 31 exclusive albums, including:

About this exclusive: After The Rope, I planned the next Black Tape For A Blue Girl release as a vinyl EP called The Dark Moon (sometimes called The Dark Months). These late 1986 mixes were digitized from cassette to give you a flashback to that moment, 35 years ago. At this point I’d recorded with Sue (in my college’s audio lab) and also Walter’s guitars. I would record with Oscar the next time I went home to Florida. You’ll recognize these early mixes of pieces from 1987’s Mesmerized by the sirens; I hear that a few of my synth performances are different, early versions.

Sunwashed evening fire VIDEO

  • February 11, 2021

Hi all! In the last couple of days I edited a beautiful video for the first two tracks on my collaboration with Italy’s jarguna: Sunwashed evening fire. jarguna filmed the footage in China, Nepal, Madagascar & Democratic Republic of the Congo; I processed and edited it, creating the flow of this piece. Some of the footage (like the image above) reminds me of Werner Herzog — so intriguing. I watch youTube on my living room TV, it’s really a sight to see this piece on the big screen!

Give it a watch at youTube.

The Sunwashed evening fire album is available on CD and a name-your-price download through Monday. Fan Krylda writes, “This album is a gentle and flowing melodic ride through a series of natural soundscapes that will calm you, reinvigorate you, and send you on a sonic journey that gently glistens and flows around you. This sonic soundscape is unrushed and will reveal its many treasures as you ride though its tracks.”

Here’s a youTube video where Marco / jarguna talks about making incense.

I’ve been working on the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album. Most of the music is written and recorded, now I’m contemplating the lyrics and theme. It’s a concept album with a consistent character running through all the tracks. That kind of album is always fun to do — also more challenging, figuring out the way to tie it all together.

Could you share this tweet or facebook post about the video. I’m so happy with it, I would love that people see it.

Thanks, stay safe,

January 2021

  • January 22, 2021

Hi. I hope you’re doing OK in these pandemic times. I’m hunkered down at home in Portland Oregon, mostly working at Projekt, and slowly recording the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album. As you can see, I don’t post on this blog very often. A great way to keep up with me is to join the exclusive patron area at Bandcamp. For $5 a month you get exclusive music and you can chat with me in the private community area. I recently uploaded some mixes I made of tracks off 2002’s The Scavenger Bride. You can also follow me on twitter, and instagram.

I was busy in 2020, I made a lot of music. There was a new Thanatos collaboration with Pat Ogle, Portland. I released an electronic/ambient collaboration with Jarguna, Sunwashed Evening Fire. And a collaboration with a number of Projekt electronic artists, Tim, where are you now? It’s name-your-price. and I also released a collaboration with Aarktica, Eating Rose Petals which is also name-your-price.

I’m working on new Black Tape For A Blue Girl music. Many of the tracks include cello and strings from Sweden’s Henrik Meierkord who also plays on two tracks on the Tim album. He’s got just the right emotional style for BlackTape, you’re going to love it! I have to start writing lyrics and then record the vocals, things are still a way off. 2021 is the 30th anniversary of A chaos of desire. Before the release of the new BlackTape, I plan a 2LP / CD / digital remastered edition of Chaos. A Kickstarter launches in a few months.

When you purchase something at my bandcamp, you are added to the notification list over there. It’s a great way to support my art, and stay up to date. There are some vintage, and unusual merchandise items available as well.

Thanks. Stay well, and stay in touch.


  • September 23, 2020

I am keeping track of Black Tape For A Blue Girl anniversaries. There are 3 in 2021! Planning to crowdfund a deluxe 2LP A chaos of desire remastered reissue.

Full Prague 2011 show added to youTube

  • June 25, 2020

I've added the 2nd show from our 2011 European tour to youTube. It's the entire set. I was watching it on my living room TV last night; it looks & sounds pretty great blown up large. A 50-minute escape from today. In the band: myself, Athan Maroulis & Valerie Gentile. We perform "Remnants of a deeper purity" twice, because the audience in Prague wanted another encore but we didn't have anything else rehearsed.

Thanatos: Portland

  • June 13, 2020

Hello! We’ve launched the crowdfunding/preOrder for Portland, the first recording in 23 years from Thanatos’ original members! Patrick (guitar & vocals) and myself (electronics) recorded 14 new songs including 4 covers, plus two recreations of tracks from our 1993 debut. Visit Bandcamp to preOrder Portland; create your own premium from the ala carte CD, Poster, T-shirt and more. Download the 14-track album immediately; the merchandise ships after we reach the goal and get them manufactured, I’m expecting that to be mid-August.

We’re about 20% to the $2500 goal.

I’m very satisfied with this album — it’s a true follow-up to our two CDs from the early 90s. Thanatos’ return to sparse dark-rock atmospheres!

Thanks for your support,

Remnants of a deeper purity 3rd pressing

  • May 18, 2020

Hi. I’ve been mixing and mastering two new albums these very strange months. The first is my return to Thanatos. After 23 years, Pat & I have recorded an album of new songs. I’m also wrapping up an electronic/ambient collaboration with Italy’s Jarguna. This album has some parts that I think will remind you of my Terrace of memories collaboration. Stay tuned for more on these two. For today:

Remnants of a deeper purity

Deluxe Vinyl 2-LP (2020 repressing)
Record/Vinyl + Digital Album
$24 at Bandcamp

It’s back in stock!

140 gram on swirled burgundy/red color vinyl. This is the third vinyl edition. I found 75 copies of the first-pressing jacket (with the band name somewhat off-center on the spine). I pressed more vinyl for this edition which includes the 8-page album-sized booklet, a sticker, and the CD in paper sleeve.

The swirled burgundy/red on this pressing is slightly lighter than the previous ones.

Includes unlimited streaming of Remnants of a deeper purity via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

"In my memories" video at YouTube

A chaos of desire (DAT1​-​2​-​3)

  • April 12, 2020

From Sam Rosenthal • Sunday April 12 2020.

Aug 11 2007 @ Projektfest’07

Hello! Another day blends into the last, it grows hard to keep it all straight; I've taken to writing little notes in my datebook to remind me when things happened. I just added this blue highlight: "A chaos of desire DATs" as I've put up a new exclusive for my supporters. They help pay the bills during these tough times, and in exchange receive exclusive content to download or stream; this week I got a $25-a-month Patron and a $5-a-month patron at bandcamp. I appreciate those of you who can afford to support. If you're concerned about finances, I totally get it! These are tough days. You can grab a free download of Highlights 2016-2020, or stream all of our music at Spotify.

Stay well, stay patient, we'll get through this. Take care…. Sam

  A chaos of desire (DAT1-2-3)

29 years and 11 months ago, I mixed Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 4th album, A chaos of desire. I worked for days in my friend Walter Holland’s home studio, perfecting the way I wanted each song to sound. For this exclusive patron release I digitized three sixty-minute DAT tapes with multiple mixes of all the songs on the album. Listen for slight differences of volume on the vocals and instruments — I’m sure fans will enjoy hearing these subtly different mixes (plus there's an acoustic mix of the first half of "Pandora's Box.") Chaos was released in 1991. I’m thinking of a remastered 2LP / CD edition for the 30th anniversary in 2021, once we’re free to be ourselves again. I don’t think I’ve mentioned in all these years that I sing one line on the album. It's in the title track, “life moves on, lie in wait, unaffected unconscious.” Today, we're all waiting for life to move on.

For a $5 monthly subscription you support the ongoing creation of my music, help me pay my bills, and listen to exclusive. Also, chat with me and other fans in the community.

Thanks so much. – Sam

Recent patron exclusives:
2019 new things – 7 tracks
Rotten Zurich Cafe
– Live 2011 with Pinky
Round Trip
– 1984 – 11 tracks of solo electronics from the cassette era< Stay Safe!

A Black Tape For A Blue Girl CD for just a buck ( $ 1 CD )

  • March 26, 2020

From Sam Rosenthal • Monday March 26 2020. Like all of you, I am staying at home, watching our new reality unfold. Fortunately for the band and for Projekt Records, I can run the mail-order out of my house, using Bandcamp pages as the storefront. I had to close the Projekt website — the physical webstore is based in Philadelphia and they have a stricter stay-at-home order than here in Portland Oregon. I'm worried, and stressed! The only thing that isn't as stressful for me is the actual staying-at-home part. I have been working from home for the past 6.7 years. I'm used to this isolation. In January — after 6.5 years working at home — I was getting stir-crazy. Every day like the previous day, here with the cat, making all my own meals, getting together with Mercy a few times a week, seeing my son half the week. Never really getting out much. Now I'm not complaining at all, I've trained for this! At the moment, I'm really worried about all the people I know (and don't know) who were laid off and are worried about rent; and also the small businesses that are in deep trouble. And what's happen in NYC, and other places around the world. Really terrible!

I am not motivated to go into the studio to create music. It is not easy to focus on creativity right now. I'll get to that soon, I hope. It also goes through my mind how insignificant creativity is, in the bigger picture. I totally get that. When it comes, it comes.

There are things happening behind the scenes. I finished a new Thanatos album with Pat; I have been reviewing the mastering which was done by Martin Bowes of Attrition. I'm also working on an electronic / ambient collaboration with Italy's Jarguna. The tracks are structured, and the mixes are coming along. Soon I will go into the studio and lay down more textures for this album.

Now, the subject of this email…. A special $1 CD: 2016's These fleeting moments

We're all in this together, and we'll get through it. Take care of yourself and please stay safe.

* Photo above: 1995 with cats!

Black Tape For A Blue Girl: These Fleeting Moments

Name-your-price download & $1 CD at Bandcamp

This is the Metropolis edition of the band's 2016 album, in a 4-panel digipak with 8-page booklet. I purchased 100 CDs from Metropolis for $2-a-piece just a month ago; I planned to offer them at name-your-price (Bandcamp doesn’t allow a price of Zero on physical objects, so they're $1 or more.) The world has drastically changed since I placed my order for these, but the CDs are here, and fans might enjoy some Black tape for a blue girl right now. The download is also name-your-price, in case you'd prefer the digital album.

Ashes in the brittle air 2CD & LP — get it by release date. Name-your-price download.

  • March 1, 2020

Hi. After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised almost $10,000 for the deluxe remastered edition of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 1989 third album Ashes in the brittle air we’re quickly approaching the March 13 street date. Order your copy now and we’ll ship it ASAP to arrive by release date. This edition is remastered from the original 1/4-inch tapes; there are 21 bonus tracks on the 2nd CD (demos, acapella versions, and 6 unheard completely finished songs from back in the day), and “Across a thousand blades” has a new 2020 mix on disc 2, using only original sources.) The CD+LP version is the original album mix, of course. There’s also an extremely limited edition “Aska i den skor luften” journal.

LP — Limited edition of 300. 140-gram smoky translucent vinyl. With b&w lyric card.

CD — 2CD in 6-panel digipak with 16-page lyric/photo booklet. 21 tracks on 2nd disc. Limited edition of 500.

Get the entire 22 tracks as a name-your-price download at BlackTape’s bandcamp page.

The LP, 2CD & journal are available at BlackTape’s bandcamp page. For export orders, I’m able to offer lower-priced-than-in-the-past shipping thanks to Projekt’s freight consolidator out of Philadelphia. In Europe you can get even lower shipping rates by ordering from Projekt’s European webstore in Germany (though they don’t have the journal).

Some recent thoughts about the album:

I closed out the 80s with BlackTape’s third album, Ashes in the brittle air. As I recall, it was the release that finally got the band noticed. No doubt it helped to have a somewhat more traditional goth rock song (“Across a thousand blades”) with guitars and drums. It could get played on the radio — and it did, thanks to inclusion on a CMJ CD sampler sent to radio across the country. Oscar had a chance to sizzle with dramatic and passionate vocals. The other aspect of the album is a softer, sensitive approach in Sue-Kenny Smith’s voice. We recorded her vocals in a studio in London; most of her vocals were done in one or at most two takes. She brought a spontaneous, organic English-folk quality to the album; mixing that with my electronics and ambience — and Oscar’s vocals — created a diverse collection of songs that arrived at just the right moment. There wasn’t really anyone else in America doing this ethereal style.

Ashes was the first BlackTape released on CD; the improved sonic quality of the medium over the previous two LPs really benefited the music. With this expanded rerelease, my mastering guy went back and worked from the original quarter-inch mixdown tapes. In 1989, I thought the original sounded great, but this new mastering sounds amazing! There is so much subtle detail now, everything warmer and more present. I really love it! I added six bonus tracks (on the second disc) from that era — something special for the album’s fans. There’s no way I can go back in time and write more pieces in this exact style; these tracks are completed songs I never released for artist-angst reasons; they make a wonderful addition to the album. Also included are a bunch of demos, and early mixes to round out the 21 bonus tracks.

I crowdfunded this release; 267 backers pledged nearly $10,000 to create this expanded deluxe edition. It is amazing knowing people care about this work enough to help me make an even-more-special version for them. I really appreciate this positive loop that crowdfunding creates.

the journals are really nice:

Orders at our Bandcamp page include (while they last) a 20-page memorabilia booklet I created for backers of the campaign; it has interviews from the late 80s & recent conversations with many of the participants. I’ll also include an album cover sticker as a bonus!