From Sam

Everything is name-your-price!

  • October 20, 2023

U P D A T E    F R O M    S A M

A few months ago I changed all digital albums on the black tape for a blue girl Bandcamp page to Name-Your-Price. I'm sure I told everyone about this (????) but now I cannot find an email list about it. Maybe I was dreaming? If so here's a reminder. Grab everything you want, leave a little something if you can…

When you donate even a dollar, the album is added to your personal Bandcamp collection, available for streaming and download. When you choose zero, you can download, but the album will not be added to your Bandcamp collection.

I've mailed most of the Terrace of Memories CDs and MDs to the Kickstarter backers. LPs expected in November/December. After those ship to supporters all formats will be on sale at Bandcamp.

I've finally uploaded FAITH, my 4.5-minute 8mm student film, to YouTube. I shot and edited it at college in Orange California in 1987 while recording Black Tape For A Blue Girl's MESMERIZED BY THE SIRENS. Actors were my college friends: Miira Ojanen & Dimitri Patakidis. Some of their Greek + Finnish dialog, and a bit of the synths, ended up on the album.

Have a great weekend, Sam<