Free Download: ethereal dreampop track from the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album

With 48 hours left to go on the Kickstarter for Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s To touch the milky way, we’re inching closer and closer to the $12,000 goal. Over 200 kind people have shown their support for my ethereal darkwave music with a pledge. If you can afford it and are into the music I’ve created over the years, I ask you to join them with a pledge for your copy of the new album.

When I message with the backers of my Kickstarter, many responses contain a variation of “Back in the 90s I listened to your music, and it helped with the loneliness I was feeling.” I gotta tell you that is touching and meaningful to read. I create music that feels moving to me. To see it reflected back as significant to you… wonderful! So very rewarding

To touch the milky way is a passionate, flowing album that you’re going to enjoy. But don’t take my word, let’s hear some music!

At the BlackTape Bandcamp page I posted the almost finished version of the ethereal dreampop track, “The stars.” I play acoustic guitar & electronics, Dani sings, and Chase plays electric guitars & programmed the drums. It’s about seeing the perfection in life’s imperfection. Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics:

he says he doesn’t understand why i take life so hard
always another, always another, always another doubt
another chance i’ll let you down, these overwhelming feelings around
i look up from the kitchen table, i try to smile

he says “all of this makes you who you are
i love you like you love the stars:
so far away, so brilliantly beaming
your luminosity enlightens my dreams.”

all of this makes us what we are
i love you like i love the stars
we’re imperfect but that’s ok
we are imperfect in every way
i love you like i love the stars
i love the stars

I’ve been answer your questions on the Kickstarter page.
Here are links to a few of those updates:
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In just 48 hours, the Kickstarter will be over. Can we pass the goal in the next two days? I hope so. I think so. I’m excited to get started on the final mixes, and designing the deluxe editions. Oh yeah, and I look forward to a break from Facebook and Twitter, and a break from bombarding you with these requests for your support. : )

I’m grateful for crowdfunding. This is how I support my art; and through this process I meet so many fans of my music, many of you have been with me for decades. Now I know your name, we’re in touch, and I am grateful that you help me with my art. It leaves me amazed at how nice people can be.

Thanks to everyone who has already pledged To touch the milky way. If you’re not a backer yet, please chip in at Kickstarter if you can. We need the support of 66 more people backing the Deluxe CD or LP to pass the goal. There are lots of other great rewards on the page. Give it a look.

I think we can do it!