Journey to Aktehi Kickstarter. 51%-to-goal, need your support

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for my collaboration with Mark Seelig is 51%-to-the-goal with 14 days to go. Aktehi is an album of trippy, hallucinogenic ethno-organic-electronic music. I was going for an altered-state-of-consciousness feel: a psychedelic trip with the flute and chants of the shamanic main character leading you on a journey of sound. 

I’ve recently added two new pledge levels. One includes a poster of the album cover and the other is for a phone call with Mark (he’s a therapist, consultant, psychologist. Chat about any issue, including life from the shamanic perspective, tribal culture, or playing the Bansuri flute.) 

The most popular pledge level is the $20 early bird CD, followed by the $70 “All the physical things” tier with the CD, Cassette; T-shirt (your name inside the CD). I appreciate everyone’s help in getting towards the goal to make this album possible. The campaign only funds if we reach $7000; every pledge is helpful!

Simultaneous to running the Kickstarter campaign, I am working on music for the new Black Tape For A Blue Girl album. My synth gave me some songwriting advice on Sunday. I posted details in a public post at my Patreon page. You can listen to the drone and read some reminiscing about Remnants of a deeper purity. 

Watch the video on the Aktehi campaign page, and please pledge if you can.
      – Sam