New mixes of two tracks from THE ROPE

1. Within these walls (2024 mix)
2. Seven days till sunrise (2024 mix

2024 mixes of two tracks off 1986’s debut The Rope. The 2024 mixes are more distinct, you can hear all the parts clearly. Oscar and I think these versions are an improvement, even if perhaps it loses some of the “charm” of the poorly recorded & mixed 1986 version (I mixed the entire album in two hours back in the day. That’s unheard of!)

In May of 2023, Cherry Red Records asked me to contribute “Within these walls” to a 4CD Darkwave compilation. I decided to offer them a new mix as well as the original mix, and they could pick which they preferred. I was motivated to try the new mix because I wanted to dive into the original 1986 Fostex cassette 4-track master to see what I could do with it. This was an experiment towards the idea of creating a new mix of the entire THE ROPE album for the 40th anniversary in 2026.

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Here’s the collection:
No Songs Tomorrow – Darkwave, Ethereal Rock And Coldwave 1981-1990
4CD Box Set From Projekt or Cherry Red.

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I launch my next Kickstarter on June 18. It’s the 2LP/CD/MD edition of 1999’s As one aflame laid bare by desire. “A symphonic mix of poetic vocals and ethereal atmosphere.” — L.A. Weekly