From Sam

Poster Sets

  • April 4, 2019

I’m digging in the storage space, finding cool vintage Black tape for a blue girl memorabilia for you. Today, I have a set of six posters for $60.

Six vintage Black tape for a blue girl Posters. 3 large format (24×17″), 3 medium (11×17). These were stored flat, in quite good shape; but there could be some bent corners or waving from the years. Sold AS IS, but like I said, quite good shape for how old these are (10-20 years old!). Large: the Rope, Remnants of a deeper purity, As one aflame laid bare by desire. 11×17: the Scavenger bride, Halo star, 10 Neurotics. I have around 25 of these sets available.

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I’m regularly packaging up orders with CDs, LPs & Merchandise. I enjoy that. I like knowing BlackTape’s music is going out to people, that it’s going to be enjoyed. See what I have available at our merchandise store at Bandcamp.