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preOrder The Cleft Serpent

  • September 1, 2021

Hi. The Cleft Serpent and the instrumental companion album are on preOrder at our Bandcamp store, available on 2 CD, MiniDisc, Cassette, LP and Digital. Because of your enthusiasm for the Serpent MiniDisc, I’m making a Remnants of a deeper purity MiniDisc as well! I also received the Serpent shirt and a repressing of the Rope-face shirt. preOrders are shipping at different dates, based on when the formats arrive. CDs will ship to get to you (in the USA) by the the October 1st street date. Cassettes + Mini Discs ship in October. LPs around the end of the year.

Approximations of what the MiniDiscs should look like:

T-shirts in my living room:

The Cleft Serpent is an elegant, heartfelt and tragic torch song to humanity. The eight neoclassical tracks evoke a sense of worldly entanglement, taking the listener through a series of interconnected pieces charged with emotional honesty. It’s a dark and beautiful work from Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

Galaxy-swirl LP • 2 CD • Cassette • MiniDisc • Digital

preOrder at Bandcamp.