Release date is 3 days away

Black Tape For A Blue Girl: The Cleft Serpent

This Friday the new album will be available around the world on Spotify, youTube, Pandora, iTunes and everywhere you like to stream / download music. I’m shipping the CD, MiniDisc, Cassette & Shirt from the crypt out here in Portland Oregon. Signed copies* are available directly from me at our Bandcamp Page. LPs are on preOrder and I hope to ship December-ish. In Europe, save on postage by ordering the CDs from Projekt’s European Webstore. The CD is at Amazon as well.

Two of our classic CDs are now on sale for $8; the downloads are name-your-price! 1987’s Mesmerized by the sirens and 2004s Halo Star. If you missed out on these releases back in the day — or have the CD packed away in a box somewhere from that move two apartments ago — simplify your life with a new free download.

My interview is up at Post-Punk. I talk about The Cleft Serpent album, working with Jon and Henrik in the new band, and a bit about what’s coming up at Projekt. I’m also interviewed in the current issue of Germany’s Orkus (2021 #10 with Kat Von D on the cover), and one coming in the next issue of Germany’s Sonic Seducer.

When I was mixing the companion album, I thought the track “To touch the milky way (2021 version instrumental mix)” had the perfect feeling for the plague scene from Werner Herzog’s 1979 “Nosferatu the Vampyre.” I tried them out together, and wow it works nicely! Watch it at (I have to point out, for bonus points, that it looks like the word “Vlad” is there in the url!)

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* Sorry, no signature on the cassette and MiniDisc. They are too petite to sign.