Terrace of Memories (2024 remaster)

Sam Rosenthal & vidnaObmana: Terrace of Memories (1992) (2024 remaster)

My organic ambient album of longing and gentle melancholic minimalism, in collaboration with Dirk Serries. Four physical formats + Name-Your-Price download at BlackTape’s Bandcamp. In Europe order from Dirk’s Bandcamp (MD sold out in Europe, but I have some left here in the USA)…

(a 2021 book of the 100 best ambient albums from 1975 to 2020):
Behind the project name TERRACE OF MEMORIES is the American Sam Rosenthal, founder of the label Projekt Records, and the Belgian Dirk Serries, who has made a name for himself in ambient circles especially under the pseudonym vidnaObmana. The result of this unique collaboration is five pieces of haunting ambient compositions, which on the self-titled album create a perfect symbiosis of the darkwave sounds of Rosenthal’s Black Tape For A Blue Girl and the cool beauty of vdnaObmana’s early works. With words like gloominess or haunting one can try to approach the compositions on TERRACE OF MEMORIES but they do not really hit the mark. It is better to simply marvel at how the album unfolds such an enchanting and devastating power right from the beginning with so few elements on “These Ancient Halls.” A nice start to this timeless album, which Rosenthal says took quite a long time to create. I guess it was Serries who sent Rosenthal a few recordings on tape, and Rosenthal in turn the one who continued to work on the recordings on the 8-track. Since the further exchange of the tapes happened before the times of the internet and was done by mail, the album was finally completed in 1992 due to the longer waiting times. The wait was truly worth it. The pieces that follow captivate with warm, futuristic and evenly gentle gloomy tones. The album culminates in the 17-minute “Of Silent Crossings” in a final expansive sound painting, which you can’t get enough of. Is it conducive for meditation? Maybe. Nevertheless, it is conceivably unsuitable for yoga classes, because the music invites you to an emotional sound journey. It seems that there will be no further collaboration in the near future. Serries, who found his way to ambient music via industrial, has meanwhile arrived in free jazz and runs his own jazz label. Rosenthal is also involved in his various band projects and his label. What remains is this timeless album.