Terrace of Memories Kickstarter

Hi, this is Sam from Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Today I’m inviting you to support the Kickstarter to create a remastered edition of Terrace of Memories, my 1992 collaboration with Dirk Serries (aka: VidnaObmana.) Your donations will make this possible.

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That $8000 all goes toward manufacturing the three physical formats: 140-gram color vinyl (in 2 color options), CD, and MiniDisc. Iā€™m excited to create this reissue with the help of people who believe in our art and want to see this campaign succeed ā€“ people like you!

Stream the remastered Terrace of Memories album now at Bandcamp. While you’re there, RSVP for the July 29 Listening Party. 11am West Coast / 2pm East Coast / 8pm Belgium. Chat with Sam, Dirk, cover model Susan Jennings, & other fans.

Kickstarter is all or nothing; we need your help to reach the goal in order to create the LP, CD, & MiniDisc formats. If you want to go the extra mile you can support at higher levels with CD & LP bundles plus additional Add-Ons to increase your contribution and reward. This lovely new edition will exist through pledges from people like you ā€” our patron of the arts.

Check out the full story at Kickstarter.